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(tentatively starting
2 weeks after bars are fully open)
Normal Tournaments X X X X (will restart month after)
Winners recorded X X X
Tournament points (AWP) awarded X X X
Awesome points (AWP) awarded X X
Event times guaranteed * X X
Redeem awesome points for VIP status X
Normal Sign-ins
Equipment sanitized hourly (approximately) at least daily
Bar prizes (depends on sales) (back to normal)
Tips Appreciated!
($3 to $5 per game)
* Dealers are working voluntarily during phases one and two, and can set their own schedules. Events may be sporadic, and times may change. Schedules and updates will be posted on Facebook as well on this web site's calendar.
Latest News
Reminder - No Points
Just a reminder that no points are being given out right now. The one exception is if the dealer gives you awesome points for helping out (helping sanitize equipment, for example). You will get to keep those points.

Password recovery - FIXED
The link in the email you receive when trying to recover your password was missing a variable. It should be working now. Sorry for any confusion.

Minor Changes
1. Click "Keep Me Signed In" when you sign in to the site, and you will not have to sign in again for a long time. This is to save time for everyone. The down side is that you must now have cookies enabled on your browser if you wish to use the site, but it is still a pretty good trade-off.

2. I went ahead and removed the points from the leaderboard from the earlier part of this year, just so no one gets confused when we start back. Rest assured, all the points and win percentage data is still there, it is just not displaying for the time being. In the early stages of starting back no points will be given out.

3. TIPPING: We would ask that you tip at least $3 per game when we start back. There are going to be fewer players per table, and the dealers will be working extra hard to keep everything clean for you.

4. Social Media Check-ins: There will now only be one allowed per event for 1,000 extra in chips. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, any mainstream social media is fine.


Starting Back
TENTATIVE plans for starting back, Subject to change

Phase 1(4 Aces, not State)
Bars in general vs. poker: There is much closer contact at the poker table because you have a group of people from 6 to 9 households crammed together in a tight space, not to mention the added risk due to the transfer of chips and cards. So, when we start back it will be strictly for fun and prizes, NOT for points. Prizes will be entirely up to the bars and will be based on sales for the night. Frequent hand washing and face masks will be required. Equipment will be frequently sanitized, and start/end times will not be guaranteed at first. Event scheduling may be sporadic so always check the calendar before you leave.

Why the Changes? We don't want to put dealers in harms way if they don't feel comfortable. Basically, if a dealer wants to pick up an event and organize a game they can, but otherwise the event is not happening. Dealers can change the normal times to whatever they feel is best. They can arrive late and leave early, so long as their start/stop times are announced in advance. Points will remain frozen where they were in March, so if you choose to stay home you will not lose your competitive advantage. PLEASE TIP $3 to $5 per game. We are not necessarily going to follow the crowd. What other leagues consider acceptable risk may differ from what we consider acceptable.

In short, when we first start back it is only for those who really, really want to play poker and who are confident that it can be done safely. Attendance at events (if any) will not be encouraged during this phase.

Phase 2
No points will be awarded. You will be able to REDEEM points for VIP status, however.

Phase 3 - We will likely be in this phase the longest
This phase means we have worked out the kinks with sanitation, etc. and we encourage players to come out if they feel safe doing so. No pressure though. Point functions will resume EXCEPT for tournament points. Absolutely no tournament points will be given out. We still don't want anyone who doesn't feel safe coming out to feel like they have to risk their life in order to keep up.

Phase 4 (It may be a long time off, but good things come to those who wait.)
Bragging Rights Resume
Finally, in phase 4, everything will return to normal. Phase 4 means we have considered everything and decided that although everyone may not 100% agree, it is time to resume normal operations. Tournament points will be back in effect.

Once we are into Phase 4 and all is stable, monthly tournaments and win percentage tournaments will start back. Your hard work in February and March will not go to waste. February and March points and percentages will be combined with whatever month we are in when we start back in full, and the following month all tournaments will return to normal.

Weekly Events by Venue
See calendar for events by day
Venue Time Liquor   Food   Smoking   Pets  
42 W. Central Blvd
4:00pm - 8:00pm
$100 in Ember gift certificates
1913 N. Orange Ave
Tues, Wed
7:00pm - 11:00pm
x x x
Bottles and bar tabs
St. Matthew's
1300 N. Mills Ave
Mon, Fri, Sat
8pm, 4:15pm, 7pm
Free drink or shot (Mon/Sat)
Bottles / bar tab (Friday)
Parliament H
410 N. OBT
Mon, Fri, Sat
6pm(Mon), 4:15(Fri), 1pm(Sat)
$75(Mon) in gift certificates/$40(Fri)/
$130 Saturday
Johnny's Fillin
2631 S Fern Creek Av
Thurs, Fri
6:00(Th), 7:00(Fr)
x x
Bottles and bar tabs
District Dive
2401 E. South St
3:00pm to 7:00pm
x x x
Free drink cards (2 to 3 per game)
About Us
4 Aces Poker League exists to build community and friendships. We provide a means for people from different walks of life to come together and spend some meaningful time playing poker, the ultimate social activity. We'll teach you how to play if you don't already know. It's free and you can win great prizes as a bonus. All we ask is that you be nice, tip the dealer, and support our venues. Please feel free to show up to any of our events and we'll be more than happy to get you started.

Point Leaders
Each point equals 100 extra in chips for the monthly tournament with $350 in prizes, so $2,100 every 6 months with multiple winners. The best odds in Orlando!
This Year
1. Sonny (Sonnye) 314
2. Chris (cmc32803) 213
3. Matt (matts82173) 207
4. Ron (ronguyfl) 199
5. Brian (31568bf) 168
6. Mike (corguy) 166
7. John (Johnh) 130
8. John (drteeth) 129
9. Jerry (butchmanx) 124
10. Henry (Pittre13) 119

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