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Max Players Per Table (at one time) 7 players 8 players (9+ will be alts) 9 players 10 players
Minimum RSVP's For Event to Happen 6 6 7 8
Normal Tournaments X X X X (will restart month after)
Full Tournament points (AWP) awarded X X (begins May 1, 2021)
Awesome points (AWP) awarded X limited
Event times guaranteed * X X
Win Percentages Shown X
Bragging Rights (winners recognized) X
Redeem awesome points for VIP status X
Chip Bonuses (other than VIP)
Normal Sign-ins
Bar prizes (depends on sales) (back to normal)
Tips Appreciated!
($3 to $5 per game)
* Dealers are working voluntarily during phases one and two, and can set their own schedules. Events may be sporadic, and times may change. Schedules and updates will be posted on Facebook as well on this web site's calendar.
Savoy Leaderboard
The top point leader for Savoy for the month will receive $100 from Savoy and Truly, plus one or two other fun prizes. In the event of a tie the player with the highest win percentage will win.
June - Savoy Only
1. Sonny (Sonnye) 34
2. Jim (8665) 27
3. John (Jdtaco) 24
4. Ryan (RyRy) 24
5. Brian (BJ2volley) 19
6. Steve (steve) 15
7. John (jt2015) 12
8. Julian (Mazel) 12
9. Shawn (shawnc123) 10
10. Henry (Pittre13) 9
11. Nathan (Nds0329) 8
12. Nick (Shamrock1019) 8
13. Ron (stargaterx) 7
14. David (davidrufo) 5
15. Joao (joohnnnnyy) 4
16. Jessica (pinkynb) 4
17. Chris (cmc32803) 4
18. Bud (Budrow) 4
19. David (DarkMyst30) 3
20. Brian (31568bf) 3
Latest News
Tournament Point Changes
We are going to experiment with changing up the number of tournament points that are awarded. The formula is now more complex, but basically, the more players there are in a particular game, the more points will be awarded, up to a 5th place winner in some cases.

The Return of Monthly Prizes
Full tournament points resume on May 1. In lieu of a June tournament, whoever has the most points for the month of May will receive $100. The highest win percentage for the month of May will receive $50. It's a little something for now. We still don't know for sure when tournaments will start back, but this will be the solution for now.

This is in addition to the $100 Savoy is giving out to whoever has the most points at Savoy each month for the months of April, May, and June. (The leaderboard for this is on the homepage at

At some point in the distant future when things are fully back to normal, we will have tournaments to compensate for points and win percentages from 2020. We still have all those records and will dig them up and give credit where it is due when the time comes.

Savoy Point Competition - $100
The player with the most points at Savoy for the month of April will receive $100 and some other fun stuff from Savoy. This will be repeated for the months of May and June. If there is a tie the award will go to the player with the highest win percentage.

Weekly Events by Venue
See calendar for events by day

About Us
4 Aces Poker League exists to build community and friendships. We provide a means for people from different walks of life to come together and spend some meaningful time playing poker, the ultimate social activity. We'll teach you how to play if you don't already know. It's free and you can win great prizes as a bonus. All we ask is that you be nice, tip the dealer, and support our venues. Please feel free to show up to any of our events and we'll be more than happy to get you started.

Point Leaders
Each point equals 100 extra in chips for the monthly tournament with $350 in prizes, so $2,100 every 6 months with multiple winners. The best odds in Orlando!
1. John (Jdtaco) 38
2. Sonny (Sonnye) 36
3. Ryan (RyRy) 30
4. Jim (8665) 27
5. Shawn (shawnc123) 23
6. Brian (BJ2volley) 23
7. Steve (steve) 21
8. Nick (Shamrock1019) 20
9. Brian (31568bf) 19
10. Julian (Mazel) 16
1. Brian (BJ2volley) 93
2. Nick (Shamrock1019) 49
3. Quentin (qman128) 47
4. David (davidrufo) 47
5. Sonny (Sonnye) 44
6. Henry (Pittre13) 42
7. John (Jdtaco) 41
8. Ryan (RyRy) 37
9. John (jt2015) 24
10. Ej (eeldesign) 24
This Year
1. Brian (BJ2volley) 137.3
2. Sonny (Sonnye) 90.5
3. Nick (Shamrock1019) 87.7
4. John (Jdtaco) 86.8
5. Ryan (RyRy) 81.9
6. Henry (Pittre13) 68.7
7. David (davidrufo) 67.5
8. Julian (Mazel) 55.3
9. Quentin (qman128) 49.9
10. John (jt2015) 44.2

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